Homeschool Portraits

Oh, 2020.. you have altered the lives of many. But not exactly in the worst of ways... For the first time, I have decided to homeschool my two boys. They are starting Kindergarten and First Grade this year and we are embarking on an entirely new way of learning. And it is amazing. I am now immersed in the world of homeschooling- learning from veteran homeschoolers in my community and reaching to the greatest stretches of the interwebs for guidance. Since I am a fan of portrait photography, I definitely think that homeschooling/unschooling families should have the option to mark the school years for their kiddos if they so choose. So here we are. Homeschool Portraits. For those homeschooling, virtual schooling, hybrid schooling- but hoping for more of a non-traditional school photo ;) and unschooling.. I'd love to capture your kiddo's personality at this very important moment in time.


I will pick an outdoor location and you will choose from specific date/time options. We will do a quick 10 minutes of photographing & then you will get to move on to enjoy the rest of your day. :) You will get three high resolution digital images of your child. High quality prints can be purchased through an online gallery system. Do you have a homeschool group? Great! Let's get them all done on the same day!

$20 per child | ten minute session | three edited high res digital images


Are you and your kids into nature school? Let's set up a quick hike with some friends who would also like photos! You can book a group session for an hour (or two) & I can document it for you! For portrait session pricing, you can refer to my Client Guide here!