I see you.

All this hustling is exhausting. You want to be seen (& hired) by those that value your work, but there is too much to keep track of. So many ideas, so much to create.. & so little time. TIME really is the most valuable commodity we have in this life. And yet it's the thing we shelf most often while running our own business.

"We will have time after this phase of hustling calms down", "once I hit it big", "when my kids are older"...

What if I told you I could help you prioritize & manage the things that matter most to you now AND help grow your business to the level you hope for? That balance can be a huge struggle bus without a bit of guidance along the way. I have been there. I want to help inspire you to take your business to places you've been dreaming about & free up the space to enjoy the TIME you give back to yourself in the process.

Do you notice those eye wrinkles?

That is WISDOM right there. Years of running my own photography & studio businesses & I know how to do the dang thing- but not without a whole lot of poor choices & failing along the way. I personally love emails.. it's weird, I know. Client inquiries? YES. I am on it. A process to ensure contracts are signed & invoices paid? CHECK. Website zhuzhed (yes the spelling surprised me too)? YAS.

I love creatives.. they (we?) make this world so much more interesting. But creatives need to keep CREATING without the dreaded burnout so we can all enjoy their art, beauty.. originality. It's kind of a creative's thing.

So hi, I'm here to help broaden your confidence & knowledge in developing & streamlining your back office management system, expand your capacity for MORE creativity & inspire your career growth.

Management Services

Here are some of the things I'm able to help you with in order to elevate the professionalism of your business:

  • Superior Client/Customer Communication
  • Email Organization
  • PR Outreach & Marketing
  • Set up & Manage a Scheduling System
  • Client Onboarding Integration
  • Social Media & Marketing Trends
  • Social Media & Blog- Drafting & Posts
  • Website Enhancements (unless you are already working with a developer- this is more for hosting sites like Squarespace, Pixieset, Showit)

Consulting Services

So you need some guidance on how to set up your processes, get yourself out there, or take your next big leap in this creative world... All while streamlining your business & learning how to simplify life on the backend a bit? What about setting realistic goals in order for your business to succeed? Let's chat about what YOU are most passionate about in your business & tailor a plan that is going to allow you to create more, work less. Are you hoping to open a photo studio, but unsure how? Let me guide you along in the process (as long as you're outside of Northern Nevada!). Curating spaces is also a magical power which I love to yield at times. Do you have a brick & mortar business that needs a facelift? Let's chat about how I can help with that.

Cost Investment

  • Management Services are offered to a limited number of creatives & start at $200 per week
  • Consulting Sessions start at $600 per month & include weekly check ins.
  • A One-and-Done Consulting Day starts at $800

As you know, choosing to invest in a professional of any type requires a lot of thought. Not only are you investing your hard earned money, but you are also bringing someone in to your creative space (even just virtually) & there is a vulnerability there.

I get it. I have been the captain of my own creative ship for many years & I understand that it takes a lot of courage to pull the trigger on making big business decisions. It is not something you should take lightly. So I'd love to set up an initial free consultation to see if we are a good fit.

So tell me what you need, babe:



“My business and brand has only been able to scale and succeed because of the precision and care Lauren provides. As an entrepreneur it's always intimidating to hand over pieces of your business to someone else, but Lauren took what I gave her, nurtured it and made it better. Lauren is a fellow creative and brings an intuitive and insightful approach to everything she does. Anyone who hires Lauren will find life and business to be lighter, with more space to create, knowing she's got it will in hand!”